Kitty Castaways Cat Rescue Inc.

Kitty Castaways Cat Rescue Inc.

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Save the Cats

Cats are gentle creatures that make wonderful pets and home companions. However, not all of them are lucky enough to be living together with families that can give them the love and care they so deserve.

Mission Statement

Kitty Castaways Cat Rescue Inc. (KCCR) is a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer cat rescue organization serving the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area and the surrounding counties. We are dedicated to rescuing homeless cats that end up in public shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia due to overpopulation. This includes pet cats given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, and those in danger of abuse or neglect.

We place cats in loving, responsible, and committed homes, following a comprehensive adoption process. Considerable care is taken in finding good matches and educating prospective adopters about the responsibilities and costs of bringing a cat into homes and lives.

Animals we rescue are then spayed or neutered. We provide them with appropriate veterinary care and treatment and place them in a free roaming area while awaiting adoption. We assist cats in distress regardless of age, breed, or ease of placement. To the extent that our finances allow, cats in the greatest need take priority. We also support our local TNR (trap-neuter-release) programs.

We are determined to keep administrative expenses extremely low so that virtually every dollar taken in goes directly to the care of the animals. Our group remained interested in and committed to the welfare of cats beyond the adoption process. We work with area shelters and other rescue organizations like the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

About Our Organization

Kitty Castaways Cat Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)(3) no-kill cat rescue group, incorporated in January 2017. Before that, we began cat rescue operations in October of 2016. We are led by a Cindy Jennings, a pet shelter volunteer who has been serving the local communities for more than 15 years.

Our group is committed to helping the neediest, as well as those ready for adoption among our community's most vulnerable creatures. A volunteer-driven organization, we are likewise dedicated to restoring the physical and emotional health of the cats under our care as they await placement in their permanent homes.

Our team stands ready to guide every step of the way through the adoption process. We continue to be a helpful resource even after you have successfully introduced the adopted cat to your home.

Schedule a Viewing Appointment

Adopt some of the cats and kittens in our care and welcome them to your homes. Call or email us to schedule a viewing appointment.

Upcoming Events

 May, June, July & August (Dates to be announced)  - Indy Mega Adoption Event.